about us

Essentials by JD was created by me, Jordan Donalds. A 23-year-old, Brooklyn, NY native moving with the intention of highlighting the abundant healing properties of essential oils.

After receiving a diffuser and some essential oils for Christmas one year, I fell in love with their aromatic benefits. And then when I decided to go natural in 2019, I realized how important the oils were to the health of my hair (s/o to my type 4 queens).

THEN on April 20, 2020, when I received positive COVID-19 test results, I was forced to really lean into more natural, holistic forms of overall healing and self-care, and essential oils were a big part of that.

Popularly known for their aromatherapy uses, essential oils are made from plant extracts with unique compounds that provide each oil with beautiful aromas and amazing health benefits when combined with carrier oils (such as coconut and vitamin e oil) and when used by themselves. 

And my goal with Essentials by JD is to bring those benefits to you and help normalize their usage in self-care routines everywhere.